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Note: The Code was tested with Netscape 4.7 and IE 5.0. The Launch button is used to launch SmartReader in its own window (currently doesn't work with IE).

Instructions : Once you get the code running, view the 8 sample eBooks first (Step by Step instructions here) and then take a look at the Dynamic Sample eBook.

Things you can do on the Dynamic Sample eBook :

1 - Click on any equation. Go to the calc tab, press the first button from the left on the middle palette (that's the button to paste the clicked expression into the calculator). You can now manipulate the expression via the built in Computer Algebra System (CAS). Press step a few times or press go to see the final answer. ( there are lots of sample equations provided in this eBook just before the periodic table)

2 - On the Geometry drawing. Click on a red point and drag it around. This is our dynamic geometry app embedded into the eBook.

3 - On the periodic table. Click on the lenses button. A zoom rectangle appears. Now click and drag that rectangle around to obtain more detailed info about a certain element.

4 - For a sample of dynamic questions look for grey rectangles, the first view shows the template. Click on the top left icon to generate instances of questions from the template.


Detailed instructions on how to use all of SmartReaders' features will be posted on this site in the near future. We will also be adding instructions on how to use Formula 1( calc tab) and Euclid ( geom tab) to its full potential. In addition to the 8 sample titles, we are working on converting eBooks from a list of 500 titles.


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