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The comprehensive tools you need to put interactive Math on the Internet

Welcome to Poliplus Softwares homepage. Poliplus Software develops interactive eBook technologies for math, science and engineering content. Our tools incorporate unparalleled technologies to enhance the reading experience and bring your content to life.

Poliplus Software's eBook philosophy encompasses three basic principles.

1) Electronic books must be as small as possible

By having small file sizes, the publisher is able to support a larger number of users compared to other programs given current infrastructure. Consumers are not required to keep upgrading the hardware to support the ever-growing file sizes. SmartReader file sizes allow for eBooks to be transmitted efficiently on today's wireless networks. With our technology you don't have to wait for future 3G technology to go wireless. We are right here. Right now.

2) eBooks must be viewed by the widest variety of hardware

Traditional books share a common format that is understood worldwide. Smart Reader shares this worldwide acceptance by being 100% pure Java, eliminating hardware boundaries. SmartReader runs on any device that supports Java, Personal Java and especially hand-held devices, the choice for eBooks.

3) An electronic book must provide added value over a physical book in order to be an effective alternative

Why spend hundred of dollars on a device plus the cost of the book if the benefits are going to be minuscule? SmartReader offers added value to anyone that uses it with interactive content, incredible quality and a look and feel of a traditional book. Smart Reader utilizes pagination instead of scrolling to simulate flipping pages. A bookmark and highlighter are some other features that give Smart Reader a real book feeling.

Poliplus Software will work with publishers to convert your technical, mathematical and scientific textbooks into interactive eTextBooks.

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