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Mona for the Pocket PC 2002

(Requires Esmertec Jeode Java Virtual Machine)

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File Size:  1,092 K

Price: USD $29.95

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Mona is a symbolic circuit analysis program capable of computing voltages and currents in terms of component variables. There simply is nothing out there so easy to use and insightful as Mona when it comes to basic linear circuit analysis for electrical engineering students and professionals wanting to freshen up. Mona is a great educational tool that students can use to verify homework and professors can use to communicate important principals in basic analog circuits.  


The software is designed to run on small handheld pocket devices so you can have it with you even on labs but it also runs on virtually any PC that supports Java including Windows, MacOS and Linux. With an extensive feature list and amazing functionality, this is a piece of software electrical engineering students can't live without.

Feature set of Mona:

Mona comes loaded with useful features designed to help you understand analog circuitry, some of these include;

        Complete schematics capture front end supporting 90 degree rotation of components and multi-segment wires that allows any circuit to be drawn as found on textbooks. Supports file save and load circuit files.

        Rich list of analog components including : resistor, capacitor, inductor, impedance, infinite gain opamp, finite gain opamp, adder and multiplier (for control systems), ground, opened circuit nodes, closed circuit branch, voltage and current controlled voltage source, voltage and current controlled current source, voltage source and current source.

        Basic electrical engineering calculations : node voltage, branch current, resistance into a node and Norton/Thevenin equivalence, all performed symbolically. Values, Symbols, Imaginary numbers as well as Phasors can be associated to components.

        2D Equation editor for editing values, symbols and expressions that can be attached to components. Expressions are most useful when working with block diagrams with the control systems components (adder and multiplier). The editor handles standard SI prefix common in electrical engineering (micro, milli, kilo, mega, nano, pico, giga and tera).

        Lots of sample circuit files to show you what the software can do and to help you get started as soon as possible.

        Easy to use, on device Help system that provides detailed explanation on every button.



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