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Poliplus Software: Strategic Supporter of JDKTM 1.2
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Poliplus Software is a leading vendor of Mathematical software written in the JavaTM programming language. We license our technology to others in the areas of Electronic Publishing and Authoring Tools.

Java technology and JDKTM 1.2 software have enabled Poliplus Software to provide universal Mathematical components that can be used in any platform that supports Java. With Java we can provide Interactive Content tools in a standard way.

Sun's release of JDK 1.2 can be viewed as a tremendous milestone is the evolution of computing. The Java platform has quickly matured and now provides a richer foundation for Internet and Device Independent development.

We welcome this release of the JDK and look forward to incorporating this latest technology in our Formulae 1 Engine

¤ Poliplus Software's Products based on Java Technology
Formulae 1

'Formulae 1' (F1) is a powerful and easy to use Computer Algebra System (CAS) designed specially for the teaching and exploration of mathematics. Unlike other CASs, F1 gives the user the ability to see the intermediate STEPS taken to solve any problem. Most other CAS's only present a final answer to the user.

Students are NOT interested in validating whether or not Textbook answers are correct. This is what most CASs can do. Students are interested in learning Mathematics and this is best accomplished with STEPS.

Partial Features of Formulae 1 Java:

  • Supports Arithmetic, Polynomials, Algebra and Trigonometry.
  • Fast automatic simplification of expressions containing symbols and functions.
  • Stepwise simplification allowing intermediate Steps.
  • Graphical display of expressions with support for special function drawings and the Greek Alphabet.
  • 5 major operations: Factor, Expand, Simplify, Solve and Evaluate.
  • Complete support for the following functions: sqrt, nroot, abs, log, ln, log of base, mixed notation, exponential notation, sin, cos, tan, factorial, percentage, dollars and cents.
  • Dynamic function support allows developers to add new features without changing the basic algebraic engine. The engine detects and installs new modules automatically on demand.
  • Simple API that facilitates embedding this technology into other products.

Currently Formulae 1 contains the following modules :

  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Matrix
  • Set
  • Calculus
  • Question Generation
  • Animation Framework
¤ Building the Future on Java Technology
To learn more about the Java platform and JDK 1.2 software, visit Sun's Java Technology site.
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