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Formulae 1 for  PocketPC 2002

(Requires Insignia's Jeode Java Virtual Machine)

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Formulae 1 (F1) is a powerful and easy to use Computer Algebra System designed specially for the teaching and exploration of mathematics. F1 gives the user the ability to see intermediate steps of calculations as well as final answers. The step feature has tremendous pedagogical value that users will come to appreciate over and over again.

While there are several different numerical based calculator programs for PDAs, there is nothing really that comes close to the mathematical capabilites of F1. Transform your PDA into the next generation handheld Mathematics system designed to get answers and see steps. If you are a student, this is a must have application.

F1's User Interface was custom designed to optimize the use of the small screen area of the device. Most of the screen area is available to view and manipulate math expressions, unlike other calculators where most of the screen is populated by buttons.

Feature set of Formulae 1:

  • Simple to use and well organized Graphical User Interface featuring tabs, buttons, palettes, command folders and extensive built-in help system with tons of sample mathematical problems.

  • Fast automatic simplification of expressions containing symbols and functions.

  • Correct 2D display of mathematics including proper use of symbols such as fraction divider, absolute value, radicals, derivatives, integrals, etc.

  • Math Editor builds expressions graphically as they are typed providing an intuitive environment to deal with mathematics.

  • Powerful command center via Go and Step. Just build a query and press Go to obtain the final answer to the query or step to obtain the next step in the calculation process. With these two commands, all the user needs to know is how to type a query (problem) in and from there on the system will solve it and show intermediate steps as required by the user automatically.

  • Powerful automatic Solve facility capable of solving symbolically in one shot or via steps, equations containing absolute value, radicals, polynomials, inequalities and systems of equations.

  • Main commands for factorization, evaluation (turning a symbolic expression into a number) and simplification of expressions.

  • Trigonometric Functions: sin, cos, tan, csc, sec, cot, asin, acos, atan, acsc, asec and acot. Special stepwise emphasis was placed here to deal with removing extra revolutions (in radians and degrees) as well as folding trigonometric expressions in quadrants II, III and IV into quadrant I, this has great pedagogical value to students learning trigonometry.

  • Logarithmic Functions: ln, log, log of base b and exp.

  • Miscellaneous Functions: mixed fractions conversion, absolute value, square root, nth root, factorial, exponential notation, imaginary numbers and user defined functions.

  • Calculus support: Derivatives, Integrals, Integration by Parts and Integration by Variable Substitutions. Stepwise Integration highlights automatically specific integration techniques such as using Partial Fractions expansion, long division and integration by parts or a special variable substitution.

  • Matrix Support: Full Matrix Arithmetic, Row Operations and Matrix Functions including (determinant, adjoint, matrix inverse, transpose and others). Of special mention here is the stepwise calculation of matrix inverse by using row operations. The system will automatically show row operations used to inverse any matrix (even symbolic ones) and then it will perform the actual row operation. Tremendous Pedagogical value to users.

  • Polynomial Support: permutations, combinations, grouping, complete the square, splitting fractions, long division and partial fractions.

  • Powerful Variable and Function Isolation that allows the user to manually manipulate equations step by step.

  • Easy object based graphing. Unlimited plots can be removed or added at will.

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