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Poliplus Software Introduces SmartReader

Waterloo, Canada - September 22, 2000 - Poliplus Software (http://www.poliplus.com), announces the release of SmartReader. SmartReader is an eBook reading system with a variety of interactive elements, designed specifically to handle mathematical, scientific and engineering content.

Poliplus Software has focused its efforts on providing an electronic solution to textbook publishers. SmartReader is 100% pure Java in order to be used in various hardware platforms. Another incredible achievement has been the small file sizes that SmartReader is capable of, the files are so small that SmartReader is capable of capitalizing on today's wireless networks to transmit eBooks efficiently. SmartReader can encode a book of 100 pages of complicated technical material in about 50K.

SmartReader uses XML based file format to facilitate the conversion/publishing process. Encryption is provided to protect publisher's content and author's intellectual property. SmartReader was designed to resemble a book as much as possible. Each eBook contains a title page, table of contents and pages. Users will also find features that simplify the studying process; bookmarks, annotation, search and tables provide readers with elements that enhance the studying experience. SmartReader comes with a question generator. Teachers and students can generate an infinite number of questions based on simple parameters all within a specific book. Teachers can generate tests and students can master subjects.

The biggest single feature that sets SmartReader apart from other readers is the interactive content system that allows for mathematical, scientific and engineering content to become active. Users can select equations and plug then into the calculator, where they are able to solve them step-by-step just as if a tutor was assisting them.

CEO of Poliplus Software, Carlos Bazzarella, had this to say about the release,

"SmartReader represents our vision of what electronic book publishing has to offer. It clearly illustrates the advantage over physical book publishing and what the future has to offer."

SmartReader is now available for evaluation and licensing from Poliplus Software. Poliplus Software is also interested in working with book publishers to enhance their textbooks in electronic format.

About Poliplus Software

Poliplus Software (http://www.poliplus.com) develops interactive eBook technologies for math, science and engineering content. Our eBooks incorporate 100% Java technologies to enhance the reading experience. Poliplus Software's eBook philosophy encompasses three basic principles: eBooks files must be as small as possible but not smaller, eBooks must be viewed by the widest variety of hardware and eBooks must provide added value over physical books. SmartReader is our vision.

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