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Formulae 1 for PalmOS

Waterloo, Canada - April 1, 2004 - Poliplus Software (http://www.poliplus.com) is thrilled to announce the release of its award-winning product Formulae 1 for PalmOS devices from palmOne.

Formulae 1 (F1) is a powerful and easy to use Computer Algebra System designed specially for students and professionals that require mathematical support on the go. F1 gives the user the ability to see intermediate steps of calculations as well as final answers. The step feature has tremendous pedagogical value that users will come to appreciate over and over again.

F1 transforms your PalmOS device into a sophisticated math system that utilizes a unique user interface that was custom designed to optimize the use of the small screen area of the device. Most of the screen area is available to view and manipulate math expressions, unlike other calculators where most of the screen is populated by buttons. For a complete feature list go to:


This release was based on a complete re-design of Formulae 1 targeted at MIDP devices and it was made possible by IBM's WebSphere(TM) Micro Environment which provides a very efficient, solid and fast Java implementation for PalmOS devices.

Current palmOne devices supported include : Handspring Treo 600,Palm Tungsten C,Palm Tungsten E,Palm Tungsten T2,Palm Tungsten T3 and Palm Zire 71. Formulae 1 on handheld devices is now available for PalmOS, PocketPC, SymbianOS and Embedded Linux.

Poliplus Software is excited about this release as it expands the platforms which F1 runs on. Carlos Bazzarella, CEO of Poliplus Software commented "With this new version of Formulae 1 based on MIDP, we will be able to put CAS on the hands of anybody with a smartphone. We are proud to initially offer this software on palmOne devices since they provide an amazing platform for Java developers". Poliplus Software is dedicated to offering powerful educational handheld applications.

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Poliplus Software is an innovative developer of non-trivial, feature rich applications for handheld devices. Poliplus' comprehensive suite of applications in the fields of Mathematics, Science and Engineering add tremendous value to handheld devices. All of our products are developed in 100% pure Java using various standard profiles including MIDP, PersonalJava, JavaSE and JavaEE. For more information please visit www.poliplus.com.


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