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Mona - Analog Circuit Analyzer

Waterloo, Canada - September 23, 2003 - Poliplus Software (www.poliplus.com) is pleased to announce the release of Mona, an unique symbolic circuit analyzer program for electrical engineering students and professionals. With Mona, users can analyze linear analog circuits numerically and symbolically for things like voltages and currents. The release today is for Sharp Zaurus, PocketPC 2002/3, Windows, MacOS X and Linux.

Mona's unique symbolic capability allows for users to obtain expressions for voltages and currents in terms of other circuit variables. This functionality is extremely useful yet not available in other so-called circuit simulators. Students specially will appreciate the insightful knowledge obtained by using this feature.

Mona provides a very intuitive and easy to use schematics capture editor where users can draw any linear analog circuit from any textbook. The editor provides support for element rotation as well as multi-segment wires. This is the first such application to have these features in a handheld device. For a complete feature list of Mona please check our web site at http://www.poliplus.com

Carlos Bazzarella, CEO of Poliplus Software comments "Mona continues our push to show the world what kinds of powerful applications are possible on a handheld device today. These devices can and should be used for a lot more than simple applications". Poliplus Software is a leader in the development of powerful applications for handheld devices and will continue to release noticeable applications in the near future.

For a complete list of features (with lots of screen shots) and more information go to:


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Poliplus Software is an innovative developer of non-trivial, feature rich applications for handheld devices. Poliplus' comprehensive suite of applications in the fields of Mathematics, Science and Engineering add tremendous value to handheld devices. All of our products are developed in 100% pure Java using various standard profiles including MIDP, PersonalJava, JavaSE and JavaEE. For more information please visit www.poliplus.com.


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