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Lisa for PocketPC 2002 and Sharp Zaurus devices

Waterloo, Canada - June 1, 2003 - Poliplus Software (www.poliplus.com)is thrilled to announce the release of Lisa, our Feedback control systems application. Following the tradition of Formulae 1 (our award-winning product), Lisa packs quite a bit of functionality with tremendous ease of use, providing a very attractive value proposition to potential users.  

Lisa supports Bode Analysis and Design, Root Locus Analysis and Design and Time analysis. Lisa provides an interactive equation editor that communicates with the other 3 components (bode, root locus and time) allowing tremendous flexibility of analysis and design problems. 

Lisa's main innovative feature is in its ability to graphically (and instantaneously) manipulate line approximations of transfer functions while at the same time keeping track of its real equations. There simply isn't any other software out there with this amazing capability.

This release of Lisa is specially for PocketPC 2002 and Sharp Zaurus handheld devices but since the software was designed in Java, Lisa also runs perfectly fine on several different desktop PCs running Windows, MacOS or Linux.

Lisa is an excellent program to use if you have to learn Feedback control systems or just brush up on some of the concepts. Lisa is also very useful to professionals that have to deal with Feedback control systems on a regular basis. 

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