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Formulae 1 for PocketPC (Compaq iPaq series devices)

Waterloo, Canada - September 9, 2002 - Poliplus Software (http://www.poliplus.com) is thrilled to announce the much anticipated release of Formulae 1 for PocketPC (Compaq iPaq series devices). Formulae 1 (F1) is a powerful and easy to use Computer Algebra System designed specially for the teaching and exploration of mathematics. F1 gives the user the ability to see intermediate steps of calculations as well as final answers. The step feature has tremendous pedagogical value that users will come to appreciate over and over again.

While there are several different numerical based calculator programs for PDAs, there is nothing really that comes close to the mathematical capabilites of F1. Transform your PDA into the next generation handheld Mathematics system designed to get answers and see steps. If you are a student, this is a must have application.

F1's User Interface was custom designed to optimize the use of the small screen area of the device. Most of the screen area is available to view and manipulate math expressions, unlike other calculators where most of the screen is populated by buttons. For a complete list of features (with lots of screen shots) and some more information go to :


Formulae 1 for PocketPC requires Insignia's Jeode (Java Virtual Machine) which comes on the CD of every Compaq iPaq machine. Jeode allowed Formulae 1 to run unchanged and exactly on Sharp Zaurus running Linux and Compaq iPaq running PocketPC. For the past 3 weeks we have been getting lots of positive feedback from Sharp Zaurus users. Formulae 1 quickly climbed to the 8th overall bestselling software list at Handango. The excitment has been overwhelming. What follows are some verbatim quotes from users and we hope these testimonials will attest to not only our software capabilities by also Jeode's.

 " I would like to congratulate to your marvellous program called F1! I couldn't believe when I saw the advertisement on the Zaurus portal. At least I found a real CAS for my Zaurus! I was very happy indeed. And I am very content with F1 - it's a cool piece of software regarding footprint and functionality. Compared to my CAS I'm using on my notebook computer, I must say that F1 solves most of my maths problems. It's most astounding how well F1 performs on the Zaurus. The graphical input method is ingenious; I don't have to bother with complicated text definitions of my formulae like those found in other editors. It's much more like the state-of-the-art CAS Mathematica, if you allow the comparison. I have to express my deepest respect to the programmers."

 " Formulae 1 is a java based symbolic/numerical math engine. It has a very nice equation editor which can handle matricies, integrals, derivatives, and polynomials. The graphing functionality is primitive but very useful. The program appears to have very few if any bugs. For students it is nice to have the step feature. I recommend this to any science or mathematics students learning or having to use basic calculus or linear algebra. An additional nice feature is the help system which is very very useful."

 " Formulae 1 is the software application that I have been looking for on a handheld device. What is nice about the product other than the rich features is that it is usable on various handhelds because it is written in Java. The feature list is extensive and covers most areas of mathematics found in calculus I and II class material. Features lacking in this version are limits, 3D plotting, linear and non-linear regression."

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Poliplus Software is a leading developer of interactive software for the delivery of educational content on handheld devices as well as on the Internet. With a comprehensive suite of modules in the fields of Mathematics, Science and Engineering our tools add value and interactivity to the learning experience. All of our products are developed in 100% pure Java using various standard profiles including MIDP, PersonalJava, JavaSE and JavaEE. For more information please visit www.poliplus.com.


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