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ChemViewer: FREE Chemistry Display System in Java for the Internet.

Waterloo, Canada - January 5, 1999 - Poliplus Software announces the release of ChemViewer for Java.

ChemViewer is a small and feature rich chemistry display system coded completely in Java and compatible with all  Java implementations (JDK 1.02 or higher; including PersonalJava). 

ChemViewer can be used by Web Authors to add Chemical Formulas to their Web Pages without the need of Plug-ins for Images. Programmers can also use the software to
easily add the ability to display Chemical Formulas in their applications.

Partial Features of ChemViewer for Java:

- Easily displays any type of 2D chemical formula found on standard textbooks using a simple linear notation.

- Supports Atoms, Charges, States, Dots, Linear and 2D Molecules.

- Supports the following types of links in 2D Molecules: bond (single, double, triple
or quadruple), ring and aside.

- Simple API that facilitates embedding this technology into other products.


Rafael Bazzarella
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