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Partnership to Convert PaperTech Math & Science Perma-Charts to Electronic Format

Waterloo, Canada - September 22, 2000 - Poliplus Software (http://www.poliplus.com), the creators of SmartReader. Announced today an agreement with PermaChart Corporation (http://www.cram.com), distributors of the world's best selling quick reference guides, to convert its entire math and science series of charts to electronic format.

The conversion of the PermaCharts marks the introduction of SmartReader, but more importantly it shows that students are beginning to choose electronic formats over traditional print. By selecting Poliplus Software, PermaChart has not merely entered the eBook age but surpassed its competitors by selecting a partner that can offer tomorrows technology, today.

PermaChart is now positioned to be viewed by the largest electronic audience possible since SmartReader is 100% pure Java. Users will also be able to download new charts to their hand held devices, notebooks or desktops at any time or as the course load increases. SmartReader's interactive elements in conjunction with the vast amount of information in the quick reference guides will convert the laminated charts into a 24-hour a day tutor to students and technical people; the primary users of the charts.

CEO of Poliplus Software, Carlos Bazzarella, commented on the partnership,

"We are impressed by the variety of titles available from PermaChart Corporation and also the quality of their materials. Together we will definitively enhance the electronic reading experience for students and technical people everywhere."

C. Bello, President of PermaChart Corporation said,

"I am very pleased with the quality of the electronic reproduction of our charts. Poliplus Software showed us that SmartReader is very capable of delivering rich and compact eBooks, which is the wave of the present and the future".

About Poliplus Software

Poliplus Software (http://www.poliplus.com) develops interactive eBook technologies for math, science and engineering content. Our eBooks incorporate 100% Java technologies to enhance the reading experience. Poliplus Software's eBook philosophy encompasses three basic principles: eBooks files must be as small as possible but not smaller, eBooks must be viewed by the widest variety of hardware and eBooks must provide added value over physical books.

About PermaChart Corporation

PermaChart Corporation (http://www.cram.com) produces quick reference guides, study aids, cheat sheets, class notes, exams, and other educational products that help to improve grades and expertise, increase knowledge, and save time. Subjects covered range from Math to Science, Languages, History, Arts and Computers. PermaChart has been publishing quick reference guides for over 18 years. With over 28 million charts in circulation in over 38 countries. PermaChart is the world leader in reference guide technology. PermaChart is a Canadian-based company, founded by Carmine Bello, an engineering graduate from the University of Toronto.


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