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Poliplus Software introduces Merlin

Waterloo, Canada - April 4, 2001 - Poliplus Software (http://www.poliplus.com), announces Merlin. Merlin is yet another tool developed by Poliplus Software to assist teachers and students with the delivery and learning of mathematical content online.

Merlin, is the first ever mathematical explanation software that not only provides full parameterized explanations to any given math problem, but it can also generate dynamic animations to illustrate and aid the learning of mathematics.

Students drag and drop questions into Merlin and Merlin then solves the question step by step with a written explanation next to each step. The written explanations are open for teachers to edit them and explain the steps using their own words or to be translated to other languages. Merlin also includes an animation engine that allows students to visually see not only the steps but also the process of solving a specific problem.

Poliplus Software has been introducing exciting new technologies in the field of math and science since 1993. The introduction of Merlin brings Poliplus Software closer to the dream of fully interactive mathematics. CEO of Poliplus Software, Carlos Bazzarella, commented on the introduction of Merlin,

 " Merlin with its support of explanations and animations provides the next step in the evolution of mathematical learning software. Never before has a system with such flexibility and power been available to students and teachers. I believe Merlin will not only educate, but also entertain and thrill students everywhere."

 Teachers are now beginning to look at the Internet for help in keeping students interested in subjects that have been traditionally considered difficult. Poliplus Software has taken on the challenge of dealing with high school level mathematics, creating tools that allow for the delivery of online math. Dan Witt, a teacher at a local high school had this to say about Poliplus' software, 

"I was quite impressed with Smart Reader.  It's interactive capabilities including Merlin; Built in Dynamic Geometry application; Built in Computer Algebra System; Question Generator and Interactive content all in a slick on-line setting and a fully functional equation editor has the potential to revolutionize on-line learning in the field of mathematics."

 With online learning increasing at an astonishing rate, Poliplus Software has focused its efforts on providing a complete interactive solution for the delivery of online mathematics and eTextBooks. All software is 100% pure Java and runs from the Internet unmodified inside standard browsers, in any platform with a Java Virtual Machine. Poliplus Software will customize Merlin to suit a client' specific needs, as with all its software. Poliplus Software is looking for companies that are interested in licensing this and other technologies to create dynamic mathematical products that will enhance a student's ability to learn and succeed in math.

 About Poliplus Software

 Poliplus Software (http://www.poliplus.com) develops interactive eTextBooks and online technologies for the delivery of math, science and engineering content. Our eBooks incorporate 100% Java technologies to enhance the learning experience. Poliplus Software's eBook philosophy encompasses three basic principles: eBooks files must be as small as possible but not smaller, eBooks must be viewed by the widest variety of hardware and eBooks must provide added value over physical books. SmartReader is our vision.


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