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Poliplus Software to Fuel Academic Systems Active Content Web Site

Waterloo, Canada - September 22, 2000 - Poliplus Software (http://www.poliplus.com) has announced today a license deal with Academic Systems (http://www.academic.com) to provide Java components for the Academic.com portal.

Academic Systems has licensed SmartReader components from Poliplus Software to power their online Interactive Mathematics instructional programs. The components licensed include:

Math Editor- a component that allows for instructors and students to edit equations of any mathematical discipline to be used in reports or in conjunction with Poliplus Software's other components.

Computer Algebra System- a computer calculator that can perform every level of mathematical calculation from grade 9 to College/University. The system manipulates mathematical symbols/variables as is commonly done in textbooks and shows the intermediate steps of any question.

Test Generator- a component that generates mathematical questions to be used by instructors for testing purposes, as well as providing multiple-choice answers. Wrong answers are calculated based on common student mistakes. Since the questions are generated on the spot (compared to a database of questions), instructor possibilities are endless.

Pattern Matcher- a component designed to look for and identify patterns in math and chemistry equations. It is commonly used to judge or identify expressions entered by students with the on-line equation editor.

Poliplus Software CEO, Carlos Bazzarella commented, "By working with us, Academic Systems is able to provide leading edge educational components on their Academic.com portal. Such vision and drive will make Academic Systems' offering very compelling to students."

About Academic Systems Academic

Systems Corporation (http://www.academic.com), the higher education division of Lightspan, Inc. (NASDAQ:LSPN), produces interactive, multimedia instructional programs that offer an enhanced learning environment in mathematics and writing for college students in developmental and entry-level courses. Created in concert with educators Academic Systems' Interactive Mathematics and Interactive English programs have demonstrated impressive increases in both learning and achievement.

About Poliplus Software

Poliplus Software (http://www.poliplus.com) develops interactive eBook technologies for math, science and engineering content. Poliplus' eBooks incorporate 100% Java technologies to enhance the reading experience. Poliplus Software's eBook philosophy encompasses three basic principles: eBooks files must be as small as possible but not smaller, eBooks must be viewed by the widest variety of hardware and eBooks must provide added value over physical books.


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