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Thank you for visiting Poliplus Software. Poliplus Software is a leading developer of interactive software for the delivery of educational content on handheld devices as well as on the Internet. With a comprehensive suite of modules in the fields of Mathematics, Science and Engineering our tools add value and interactivity to the learning experience. All of our products are developed in 100% pure Java using various standard profiles including MIDP, PersonalJava, JavaSE and JavaEE. Our tools include: 

a) Math 

Formulae 1 Mobile Math Assistant (F1)
F1 is a powerful Computer Algebra System that can perform mathematical calculations from simple algebra to complex calculus both numerically and symbolic. 

Euclid is an interactive mathematics visualization environment for dynamic geometry. Users can draw shapes and dynamically transform them while preserving and measuring important geometric relations. 

b) Chemistry 

Elemental is a dynamic periodic table loaded with useful information and cool features. Search for elements matching specific properties. Access complete information on all elements. View specific trends of the periodic table from Ionization Energies to Atomic Size. 

Chemical Calculator
Unique to Poliplus Software is the built in Chemical Calculator that can be used to build chemical equations and perform various calculations from molecular mass to balancing chemical equations. 

c) Engineering 

Circuit Simulator
Our circuit simulator is the perfect tool for engineering students. Users are able to build any digital or analog circuit by dragging and dropping elements onto the canvas, wiring up desired elements and measuring specific attributes of the circuit.

d) eBooks

Is an interactive eTextbook platform designed for both teachers and publishers to deliver mathematical and scientific content on a handheld device or online.

Poliplus Software works with Textbook publishers to develop interactive CD-ROMs, web sites and Dynamic e-textbooks using our SmartReader platform. SmartReader is an interactive e-textbook system that utilizes all our software modules to offer a truly dynamic electronic content alternative. We also work with online educational companies (eLearning) to enhance their web presence by embedding our technology into their portals/products. 


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